The mobile game «My Child Lebensborn»

The mobile game «My Child Lebensborn» is a documentary game that lets the player «be present» in 1951, as the adoptive parent of a seven year old child. You play through events based on the true stories of the Lebensborn children, Children Born of War with enemy German soldiers as fathers. The aim is to use the empathy generated by interactive gameplay to let the player reflect on the ethical issues of hatred and how it creates new war victims. At the same time, we have worked to show history through gameplay, for instance simulating the economic challenge of a single parent for the player to experience instead of narrating the facts.

The game was released on AppStore and Google Play in May 2018 and has received very positive reviews and a 5 star rating.

Watch the launch trailer here.

It is produced by Elin Festøy, Teknopilot and co-produced by the game development studio Sarepta Studio, (part of Hamar Game Collective) with Lead Game Designer Catharina Due Bøhler.

The game is part of a larger transmedia project, also produced by Elin Festøy. It consists of the mobile game, a campaign centered on the founding of «The Children Born of War Project», the documentary film «Wars Don’t End» and the development of an educational package for schools.