About us

Teknopilot is a production company exploring immersive and interactive storytelling, pushing the boundaries for audiovisual and digital productions.

Teknopilot is run by Elin Festøy and Svenn Jakobsen, combining their senior expertise to create experimental, audiovisual storytelling.

Dr. Elin Festøy is the creative producer behind the award-winning mobile game «My Child Lebensborn». She combines a background in journalism and digital media with innovative experiments in interactive, digital storytelling. She is currently a research fellow at The Game School, Innlandet University, where she is doing artistic research exploring emotional non-fiction in VR. She completed a PhD in emotionally charged interaction at the same institution in 2023.

Prof. Svenn Jakobsen is an award-winning, renowned sound designer who is also a professor in  sound design at Kristiania University College in Oslo Norway.

Producer, CEO: Elin Festøy, elin.festoy@teknopilot.no, mobile +47 91537979 – Linkedin-profile – ImDB

Creative director: Svenn Jakobsen, svenn.jakobsen@teknopilot.no, mobile +47 94297477 – Linkedin-profile – ImDB

Business address: Teknopilot AS, Grønnegate 83, 2317 Hamar